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watsonMike Watson is just one of those guys you hear play and you just can't believe that he's not all over the place. He's been responsible for some incredible compositions and has inspired many of the better musicians to ever come out of this town.

He was a member of the legendary Daddy Longleggs in the 1980's-1990's and that somehow morphed into the "Mr. Bungle meets Frank Zappa" amalgamation that congealed as Schmaltz, which was, until recently a "non-defunct" band. Schmaltz has a long and storied alumni who have gone on to their own respective careers in both the music and taco shop businesses.

At any rate, Mike and I were pretty much destined to get together and do something, because we found a somewhat fluvial and extemporaneous troupe of improvisors known as Nice World. It's kinda like a facial tattoo. Upon first listen many people turn in disgust and misunderstanding, some curiously peer on and eventually walk away kinda laughing, then there's those who see it for the art that it truly is and embrace it. For the record, neither of us has a facial tattoo.

So...Back to Mike

So in 1993 I was hanging out with Zak Najor, then a teenager playing drums in his garage all day until it was time for his band to practice. That would have been the original Schmaltz (Chris Stillwell on bass, Robert Walter on keyboards and Watson presiding on twanger) and during that time Mike presented me with some song sketches; at the time they seemed nearly impossible to play because my understanding of nuance was not as heightened as it has become conditioned to nowadays.

In 2002 Mike and I attempted a stab at playing together but due to my schedule at the time we just never really plugged it in. Ten years later (2012 for you math nerds), Mike called and had me come in to record the song "The Dance" for the first time at Doubletime Studios in El Cajon, CA with Jeff Forrest at the helm. The version I was able to portray that afternoon (read: patch together with punch-ins and edits) was far from perfect (it wasn't THAT bad), it was the very flashpoint of inspiration that caused me to dig deeper into the music presented and at that moment I realized "Hey, this music is a study in time, dynamics, feel, groove, perception, counting, idiom, nuance, geometry, magnetics and a sushi making class thrown in (just because you gotta eat sometimes...).

And with my tail not too firmly tucked in between mine haunches I began to spend quite a lot of time rehearsing, contemplating, conceptualizing and absorbing this incredible music that I had received almost 20 years prior on a cassette tape. Some tunes came easy, others took me several months to even get comfortable with.

simeon flick

Simeon Flick is an independent heritage artist who writes and performs accessibly innovative alternative R&B music with an uncanny ear for maddeningly adhesive pop hooks. He has built a formidable reputation and a connoisseur following with his soulful voice, versatile musicality, engaging live performances, and inspirational songs with poignant, erudite lyrics.

Simeon is enjoying an illustrious career, having shared stages with the likes of No Doubt, Sublime, Fishbone, The Untouchables, School of Fish, Rocket From The Crypt, Three Mile Pilot, Heavy Vegetable, The Samples, The Skeletones, Skankin' Pickle, Excel, Voodoo Glowskulls, Ozomatli, Geggy Tah, Matt Nathanson, and Leftover Salmon. As a San Diego-based solo artist he has co-billed with Veruca Salt, Glenn Phillips (Toad The Wet Sprocket), Jimmy Gnecco (OURS), Noe Venable, Ari Hest, Brodeeva (G Love & Special Sauce), Saucy Monky, Transfer, Jakob Martin, Earl Thomas, Peter Sprague, Tom Brosseau, Gregory Page, Steve Poltz, Carlos Olmeda, Lisa Sanders, Berkeley/Hart, Anya Marina, Steph Johnson, Christopher Dale, Danielle LoPresti, Alicia Champion, Michael Tiernan, and Thomas Lee (Bo Bice).

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Raymond DiGiorgio: Videography/Audio/Friendship

Cathryn Beeks: Inspiration, promoter of good musical things in San Diego